Le Lune

Spelt is an antique grain cultivated in Italy, with high protein values and majorly digestible compared to wheat. If wholemeal, it also provides insoluble fibres. When combined with legumes rich of soluble fibres and vegetable fats, it enables the creation of products with a balanced nutritional profile
– Plus di Linea –

100% vegetarian and/or vegan products
With wholemeal spelt flour and legumes
With of vegetable fats / no hydrogenated fats
With of extra-virgin olive oil / no palm oil
Source of fibres / first class proteins
No food preservatives
No yeast

These flat breads are shaped like the moon (Luna), which through its different phases is known to regulate the water present in soil and plants for effective cultivation. Our Lune offer an innovative recipe based on antique ingredients such as spelt and legumes.

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