Le Piade

Antique Grains

Come Una Volta created the “Le Piade” line using only ancient and highly digestible grains. For these recipes were used: Khorasan kamut wheat, Tumminia, Senatore Cappelli and Farro flour.

Le Lune

Cereals and Legumes

“Le Lune” have been conceived with spelled flour grown in Italy combined with legume flour, rich in proteins and soluble fibers. Le lune are made with pea flour, lentils, chickpeas, hemp, linseed and chia seed.

Il Chiosco

Local Produce

“La Piada del Chiosco” is a short chain product based on the traditional recipe that uses typical ingredients of Romagna such as Squacquerone DOP.


Come Una Volta uses ancient cereals and legumes flour: these ingredients, healthy and natural, are a source of fiber and noble proteins.
Come Una Volta does not use food preservatives, brewer’s yeast, hydrogenated fats, saturated fats like palm oil and it limits the use of salt.
Come Una Volta reinterprets the traditional recipes in 4 lines, to create innovative and attentive proposals for personal wellness.
Come Una Volta… Naturally delicious!

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